Bioplastics With Regenerative Agricultural Properties

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BioWRAP: Bioplastics With Regenerative Agricultural Properties

The long-term vision of BioWRAP is to create localized advanced biopolymer feedstock production, manufacturing, and use systems which support socioeconomic resiliency, positive bioeconomic cycles, biotechnology adoption, sustainable crop production, and soil health in EPSCoR states.

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BioWRAP Research

The main goal of this proposal is to develop spray-on biopolymer-based films that can be locally produced and used to support sustainable crop production within EPSCoR regions. These advanced biomaterials can be synchronized to crop growth cycles and address crop production water and weed management challenges, thereby reducing the use of herbicides, synthetic fertilizer, plastics and associated environmental impacts in agricultural production. 

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BioWRAP Investigators

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Vaishali Sharda She/Her

Karina Schoengold She/Her

David Salem He/Him

BioWRAP Team
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