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Tanvi Govil. A scientist in a lab conducting experiments.
February 26, 2024

SDSM Establishes Cell-Free Manufacturing Lab to Research Development of Biodegradable Materials

“The cell -free expression systems therefore have some advantages at…

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A field with blue flags in the Biowrap-covered dirt. - BioWRAP
November 29, 2023

Spray-On Bioplastic Shield Stops Weeds

Farm Show Magazine, November 6, 2023 Herbicide-resistant weeds will be…

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Two people in lab coats studying the BioWRAP machine. - BioWRAP
November 29, 2023

South Dakota Mines Adds New Powerful Atomic Force Microscope to Boost Biological Research in Bioprocessing, Agriculture, Energy, Medicine and More

Rajesh Sani, Ph.D., a professor in the Karen M. Swindler…

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A man in a white coat using the BioWRAP machine. - BioWRAP
November 29, 2023

South Dakota Mines peering deeper than ever with new atomic microscope

Interview at South Dakota Public Broadcasting To solve the big…

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A woman wearing BioWRAP goggles and gloves. - BioWRAP
August 16, 2023

South Dakota Public Broadcasting Interview South Dakota Mines researcher fighting plastics with microbes

Interview at South Dakota Public Broadcasting Using plastics on agricultural…

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A BioWRAP frame with a pipe in the ground. - BioWRAP
June 20, 2023

K-State BAE The Link Fall 2022

Bioplastics with Regenerative Agricultural Properties Plastic films and mulches have…

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A woman sitting at a table in front of a microphone, participating in an interview for South Dakota Public Broadcasting. - BioWRAP
February 21, 2023

BioWRAP South Dakota Public Broadcasting Interview

Interview at South Dakota Public Broadcasting South Dakota Mines researchers…

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Plants growing in pots in a greenhouse. - BioWRAP
February 18, 2022

NSF Grant To Develop BioWRAP

Sharda to receive $6 million NSF grant to develop spray-on…

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BioWRAP Research

The main goal of this proposal is to develop spray-on biopolymer-based films that can be locally produced and used to support sustainable crop production within EPSCoR regions. These advanced biomaterials can be synchronized to crop growth cycles and address crop production water and weed management challenges, thereby reducing the use of herbicides, synthetic fertilizer, plastics and associated environmental impacts in agricultural production. 

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