The Team Behind BioWRAP

Welcome to the BioWRAP research team. Learn more about their research, experience, and qualifications by visiting their individual profiles.

Primary Investigator

Vaishali Sharda She/Her

Institutional Leads

Karina Schoengold She/Her

David Salem He/Him


Ajay Sharda He/Him

Chittaranjan Ray He/Him

Chris Proctor He/Him

Chris Shearer He/Him

Daran Rudnick He/Him

Erin Haacker She/her

Heidi Sieverding She/Her

Jim Stone He/Him

Kate Nelson She/Her

Laura Moley She/Her

Loren Isom He/Him

Ozan Ciftci He/Him

Pascal Hitzler He/Him

Rajesh Sani He/Him

Tanvi Govil She/Her

Post Doctoral

Mehraj Dar He/Him


Afruja Begum She/her

Ana Clara Gomes She/Her

Ana Guanes She/Her

Antonia Block She/Her

Avery Larson She/Her/Hers

Camila Rodrigues She/her

Gengchen Cai He/Him

Hesam Parsaeian He/Him

Jesmeet Kaur She/Her

Kanij Fatema She/Her

Manavjot Singh He/Him

Md Woashib Shikder He/Him

Michael Madin He/Him

Mostafa Sadeghnejad He/Him

Muhammad Ehtasham Akram He/Him/His

Nirajan Piya He/Him/His

Rushrukh Rayan He/Him

Sherwyn Braganza He/Him


Martha Nabaggala She/Her

BioWRAP Around The World
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